ScanViS Analyze

Comba ScanViS Analyze facial recognition technology helps accurately identify your visitor from a camera and quickly search hundreds of faces per second in a dataset of millions of faces, impressive customer analytics techniques can come to offline word.



People counting and conversion is the foundation of in-store analytics

Store insights are the catalyst to improving sales, optimizing staff productivity and identifying best practice methods to share across estates.

ScanViS Analyze brings customer actionable insights with feature highlights as follows:



Accurately count store traffic and related conversion to better evaluate the total sales opportunity.

·  Unique visit/ visitor counting

·  Visitor demographic


Get segment-specific data down to visitor’s age and gender to benchmark store performance against competition & the broader market.

·  Return customer stats

·  Engagement/ dwell time




Gain quantitative insight on the impact of campaigns on shopper experience, loyalty and sales.

·  VIP behaviour tracking

·  Customer satisfaction


Explore integrated data sets interactively to quickly discover insights and create meaningful change.

·  Data analytics and visualization

·  POS, BI and IoT system integration


After learning your customers’ behavioral patterns and individual history, it is possible to create personalized promotions and offerings for each visitor.


Win your customer by


With the meaningful insights and reports reflecting the timely market trends, you can deliver truly personalized ads to every customer — exactly what they want to see, when they want to see it.


Simply start with IP camera and FR server, you can manage your customer analytics with ease

ScanViS Analyze detects individual faces, extracts attributes and matches the face with a database of registered faces.



By scaling up FR (facial recognition) servers, the system can support multiple cameras for tracking of the same customer across different cameras at different store locations without double counting.



Why ScanViS Analyze?

 System strengths



Higher algorithm efficiency means less hardware is required, saving budget and allowing investment in other business areas.


Flexibility in storing face datasets and running search requests on cloud computing platform or private servers.



Enable search index among millions faces in one second on simple hardware, making it feasible to run consumer analytics even for large-scale deployment.



Market Analysis

Improve brand awareness and customer loyalty. Identify threats and opportunities. Analyze market shifts, customer sentiment and trends.

VIP management

Identify VIPs right at the entrance. Offer comprehensive information about the guest from the CRM system.

Customer segmentation

Improve customer segmentation and conversion. Measure KPIs like customer lifetime values, activation and churn.

Meaningful reports

Empower retail and wholesale teams to discover insights from the market, and formulate business and market development strategies.

Heat maps and standard routes

Analysis of customer movements in the sales area to optimize the layout of goods, increase sales conversion and avoid crowds.


What business type will benefit from ScanViS Analyze facial recognition system? and how?








 Events/ Conference 


Dive into details, create rich analyses


Optimize floor plan and staffing schedule based on shopper location insights.

Develop fact-based trend data to anticipate operational needs more effectively.

Accurate buyer profile

Analyze traffic trends and correlate them with sales (POS) data conversion rates.

Personalizing customer experience.

Visitor demographic

Understand shopper visit patterns and proactively respond to store traffic.

Enhance operations, the shopper experience and improve the bottom line.

Customer segmentation

Analyze customers, products and transactions across channels and geographical markets.

Identify revenue, margin and profit opportunities.


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