ScanViS Display

It is an intelligent digital signage which is both a source and a display for audience data. It encompasses the engagement of the viewing public and the collection of data based on that interaction.



TWO cost-effective solutions for various scenarios
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 ScanViS Display helps you collect important insights, understand audience behaviour and what works for them through



A flexible solution with combinations that fit customer needs

·  ScanViS processor

·  Digital signage

·  USB camera



By using facial recognition system, users collect and evaluate key data points like:

·  Age, gender

·  Engagement time

·  Groups (couple, family)

·  Facial expression

·  Most popular content

·  Dwell time, peak hours


ScanViS Web Platform

The intelligent digital signage collect important metrics such as:

·  Smile percentage

·  Unique visits/ visitors (total, per day, week, month)

·  Viewers demographic

·  Return customer stats


This web platform also functions to


multimedia content


and push ads to displays


ID database and configure personalized messages


 From analytics to impactful content 

Our facial recognition algorithm was trained by deep learning with over 100 millions faces. ScanViS Display helps your company increase brand impression and sales by


 Engaging Your Audience

Create engaging content that will make audience stop and look. More than just visuals, our interactive display is responsive to touch, gesture and even facial expressions.

Creating "Right Fit" Content

Display the right ads to the right audience. ScanViS Display will show ads according to gender, age and grouping. Example, a family


Analyzing and Optimizing Ads

Take the guess work out of ad optimization. Analyze real-time data to see what ads are performing best and with what type of audience.

Developing Better Customer Experience & Brand Loyalty


This solution can be used to


place targeted advertisement

promote events

make announcement


ScanViS Display fits for:


Shopping mall





Information center


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