ScanViS ID

GateGuard all-in-one system

 ScanViS GateGuard gives users a smooth entry experience that does not require tap cards, passcodes or deliberate interaction with a terminal – just look and go.

This access control device is installed at entrance door/gate to analyze facial features of the visitor for entry management or staff/participant attendance.



  Attendance and entry reports can sync to ScanViS Web Platform enabling data analytics and      visualization simply in one click.

  Photos and names of users are automatically recorded in the database with date, and     time

   All entry/exit logs and ID databases securely stored on local server.


Powerful facial recognition algorithm for accurate entry management

trained by deep learning with over 100 millions faces.

liveness detection and verification

visitor greeting message through interface

trained by deep learning with over 100 millions faces.

liveness detection and verification

data analytics and visualization


 An all-in-one system that helps control access with ease and flexibility


Fast & Convenient

Users simply walk, look and pass within a second.

Optimal & Accurate

Powerful hardware speeds up facial feature extraction and comparison up to 30K database.

Robust & Reliable

Face reading system works with old photos up to 10 years ago, despite partial occlusions, face expressions and tilt angles.

Robust to non-optimal ambient light conditions.


Enabling deployment in various scenarios and integration with existing building access management system.


Cloud platform with built-in data visualization and analytics functions, charts and reports are at your fingertips.


System architecture supports centralized ID management and consolidates data for analytics in multi device, multi site deployments.

 A Closer Look at ScanViS ID GateGuard


Key features

·  Facial recognition

·  IC/ID card reader

·  Dry contact

·  Wiegand interface

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