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Multi-Band Combiner / POI

From antenna to base station, Comba offers a complete suite of filters, combiners, power splitters and couplers for Common Antenna System (CAS) and RF network optimization.

Multi-Band Combiner or POI (Point-Of-Interface) is designed for cost effective antenna sharing solution for outdoor and indoor applications. The combiner is customized to combine specific frequency spectrums without incurring high insertion loss compared with using conventional couplers and power dividers. This allows Operators to integrate their frequencies into a common antenna system with greater ease and efficiency. Comba provide wide range of combiner product includes diplexer, triplexer, and quad-band combiner for 2G /3G /LTE system.

Comba POI is built with high quality filters that handle high input power, good isolation between bands and low insertion loss. This product is widely used in places such as convention centers, exhibition halls, airports, underground tunnels and other large buildings where common antenna system are usually deployed.