Open RAN architectures utilizing small cells are one deployment scenario that can be particularly well-suited for the private 5G networks. This is because open systems provide a broad range of options for vendors and operators to tailor solutions that best meet individual customer needs. Additionally, maintaining a private network with an open platform is significantly less complex compared to traditional models.


Comba Open Platform Small Cell solution embraces open-platform small cells of a small, low-power, distributed base station system which adopts digital technology and fiber infrastructure, providing 5G indoor coverage signal. It contributes to cost efficient IT infrastructure with on-demand capacity planning using cell splitting without infrastructure modification for rapid deployment. 







DP (Distributed Unit) connects to SW (Extension Unit) and serves as active cellular signal provision. This lower power transceiver brings high performance for 5G radio indoor distribution coverage.






NR N41 and N78

50/ 60/ 80/ 100MHz




SW (Extension Unit) is the data aggregation and forwarding part of Open Platform Small Cell. It can greatly increase the small cell coverage by daisy chain connection. The switch handles data transport, as well as downlink distribution and uplink aggregation.









AU (Access Unit) is the baseband of Open Platform Small Cell solution which connects to core network through IP interface and provides cellular signal for users. The unit directly connects to core network and performs 5G radio physical layer and upper layer protocol processing.




NSA and SA 5G






Why small cell is important to Open RAN fragmentation?


Since 5G NR NSA (non Standalone) still uses the existing 4G core, it is very difficult to add 5G equipment from a different supplier from the 4G system, because crucial interfaces like X2 are implemented differently by each vendor. These migration challenges are redoubling operators’ determination to support fully unified interfaces for their next deployments, and the best place to start is often in the relatively greenfield roll-outs of small cells.


Comba Open Platform Small Cell solution is able to accomplish what the enterprise and the carrier needs. It will support multi-vendor interoperability between different components at different layers of the network, reflecting different 3GPP functional splits. As it evolves, it will have the flexibility to support different splits, and so improve the future-proofing of small cell deployments.




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 Enriching indoor wireless communications with 5G open platform small cell









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