Enriching Indoor Wireless Communications by 5G Open Platform Small Cell

Ronin Gong

31 March 2020

In the IoE Era, more and more mobile communications take place in indoor scenarios. Along with the development of 5G, indoor mobile communication is not only about human-to-human or human-to-device communications. It already extends to machine-to-machine communications and into a variety of industry verticals – including healthcare, education, business, manufacturing, office and more. High-quality indoor 5G network coverage with ultra reliable low latency, high connections and large throughput will gain increasing importance for indoor communication. 5G Open Platform Small Cell is an open interface, end-to-end solution to enable smoother and faster indoor communications for different scenarios. 

Comba 5G open platform small cell solution adopts a distributed architecture and is a micro power indoor solution with a high cost effectiveness based on the three-tier architecture: “access unit + extended unit + remote unit”. Boasting digital, IP-based and intelligent features, it meets the diversified needs of different indoor scenarios and can be applied to a wide range of vertical industry applications by way of software-hardware segregation and mobile edge computing integration. 

The solution is based on Intel® FlexRANTM platform and powered by Intel® Xeon® D processor and Stratix® 10 field-programmable gate array (FPGA). 

Comba 5G open platform small cell solution supports NSA and SA architectures and has passed the test on stability for commercial use, optimization of platform openness, and power consumption, with mainstream core network vendors.

Based on Intel’s open platform, Comba 5G small cell solution has completed four-cell 100MHz NR concurrent peak rate test with a power consumption of less than 200W, representing an upgrade performance of 5G small cells based on Intel Xeon-D CPU and FPGA for commercial use. 

Comba 5G open platform small cell solution will help ensure the 5G revolution does not stop at the building door. This Intel-based solution for 5G radio access networks is easy to deploy, manage and upgrade and will enable service providers to roll out new exciting 5G services for ultra-reliable low latency, enhanced mobile bandwidth, and massive machine-to-machine communication both inside and outside their buildings.

The world is transitioning from the post-4G era to the 5G era, and the need for network coverage has also evolved from signal coverage to capacity enhancement. 5G indoor coverage capacity becomes increasingly important which operators call for solutions with greater cost-effectiveness. Small cells lend themselves excellently by offering flexibility, ease of deployment, and a high degree of control. It is one of the important IBS solutions to support the evolution of 5G in the ecosystem. 

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About Ronin Gong

Ronin Gong is the director of the network product team at Comba Telecom, responsible for managing the network products and solutions for the group. Mr. Gong has over 15 years of working experience in the telecommunications industry.

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