Government & Public Safety

Public safety first responders such as ambulance service, fire service, law enforcement, rescue squad, emergency management and securities are mission critical operations that help protect and rescue the general public from danger. Communication networks have to ensure that critical information is transmitted and received promptly to co-ordinate and facilitate rescue efforts.


TETRA is a wireless communication standard. It is a modern digital trunking system designed for private and public mobile radio communications. Since it is in digital format, speech transmission can be further encrypted which makes it far more difficult to monitor or eavesdrop and therefore suitable for mission critical and securities applications using walkie-talkie as a media of communication.


Comba’s active TETRA DAS solution is capable of providing in-building wireless coverage for mission critical applications. Leveraging on DAS design experience, our TETRA solution is capable of providing a high quality and robust communication network. Our solution is implemented in a Casino in Macau and a grand park with hotels and convention canters in Qatar.