Comba’s global R&D center in China mean that it has a unique strength to offer solutions customized to particular needs and requirements rapidly and effectively. As such, Comba develops cutting-edge products and services for core equipment vendors and operators.

  • 40000+ square meters manufacturing base
  • 3500+ square meters space dedicated to R&D lab
  • 2000+ sets of advanced testing equipment
  • High efficient antenna testing environment: High accuracy Far-Field Anechoic Chamber, SG128 Multi-Probe Spherical Near-Field Anechoic Chamber
  • 5800+ technology patents (As of 31 Dec. 2023)
  • Member of AISG
  • 140+ participations in the drafting and formulation of national and industry standards for China (As of 31 Dec. 2023)
  • 30 + patent awards (As of 31 Dec. 2023)