Hospitality industry is a very broad industry including hotels, cruise ships, restaurants and anything that covers tourism or for leisure. In today’s high-tech world, mobile technology and social media act as the platform for businesses to promote their services and offerings for customers to make reservations through tablets and phone apps. Customers are also able to praise or critique their experience directly through social media. Hence the success of businesses is dependent on customer’s satisfaction and their praises for the services.


Wireless mobile coverage is important to facilitate the communications during travelling. Customers not only expect that they can make phone calls but also able to connect to the internet anytime and anywhere.

Customers intend to share their photos and videos and tell a story about their journeys with family and friends.


Comba’s Comflex-series of active DAS solution are available to provide wireless mobile coverage for multi-bands, multi-technologies and high power requirement scenario for the whole hotel. Repeaters are available for cruise ships and small restaurants. Wi-Fi products are also available to offload traffic at hotspot areas.

Our solution is implemented in a Casino Mega Resort in Macau.