An overview of Comba's ORAN radio portfolio

Jiahuai Zhou

12 October 2020

As a global ORAN radio industry leader, Comba Open Radio is well known for its outstanding performance while maintaining low levels of power consumption and noise figure (better receiver sensitivity). Comba’s goal has always been providing its customers with the best performing, cost effective, high quality, software upgradable and flexible radio solutions and we are happy to see more feedback from our customers on their CAPEX/OPEX saving with our radio solutions. Some typical examples include: 

  • Power/energy saving from radio’s low power consumption 
  • Coverage or throughput improvement due to better receiver sensitivity 
  • Installation and maintenance cost saving because of smaller size/weight and improved MTBF (mean time before failure) performance


In a continuing effort over the last several quarters, Comba’s highly experienced R&D team has spent more resources to expand its Open Radio product portfolio and has completed or is actively working with major ORAN DU/CU partners on its fronthaul eCPRI 8.0 and 7.2 integration tests. 


The latest Open Radio product portfolio has added more bands to both high power and lower power radios, which will provide customers with a complete solution for all applications such as rural area or suburban coverage, in-building coverage/capacity improvement and private network etc. Tables below show more detail about Comba’s Open Radio band and power information. 


Single band high power radio solutions: 

Band# 1 3 4 7 8 20 28A 38 71
Power 4x40W 4x40W 4x40W 4x40W 2x60W 2x20W 2x20W 2x40W 2x40W


Dual and tri band solutions: 

Band# Band 1 and 3 Band 8 and 20 Band 8,20 and 28
Power 4x80W 4x40W 2x120W


Low power radio solutions:

Band# 1, 5 and 40 3,7,8 and 28 8,2,66 and 7 3.3-3.6GHz 3.4-3.7GHz
Power (dBm) 2x (17/21) 2x (17/21) 2x (17/21) 4x 26 4x 26

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About Jiahuai Zhou

Jiahuai Zhou has over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, he has a strong technical background in radio products. Mr. Zhou is currently the Director of Product Management at Comba Telecom, responsible to provide technical support and advice to the OPEN RAN RRU product line for the international market.

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