In order to protect environmental and personal health and safety, pursue social benefits and ensure social interests, the Group has established the Occupational Health and Safety System, and SA8000 Social Responsibility System so as to protect employees’ health and safety. Such systems are operated in combination with quality management system to deliver the Group’s commitment to the community and its employees.

The Group has set up the “Safety First, Prevention Dominance and Comprehensive Governance” guidelines and paid close attention to work safety.

(1) Establishing safety management policies and procedures: The Group has established safety management policies such as the Management Procedure of Safety and Environmental Protection for Construction Project (《建設專案安全和環境保護管理程序》), the Fire Control and Safety Management Regulations 《消防安全管理規定》 ( ), the Safety Production Responsibility System (《安全生產責任制》), the Labour Protection Standards of Production Position (《生產崗位勞動保護標準》) and the Transportation Safety Management Regulations (《運輸安全管理規定》). At the same time, it has refined various safety management policies and safe operating procedures of all levels. Pursuant to which, the person in charge is required to sign the Safety Production Responsibility Paper (《安全生產責任書》), and all the division principals are directly responsible for safety performance of their respective areas.


(2) Continuing to put efforts to improve environmental safety: The Group creates a fine and safe working environment for its employees, provides them with comfortable accommodation, formulates the staff holiday system and the periodical medical check system, offers job skills training and establishes a labour union. Besides, the Group also attaches much value to staff care, health and safety as well as boosting their sense of belonging. With a lot of funds invested, apparatuses and equipment devoted, the Group keeps improving working environment and protects the personal safety and health of its employees with special positions equipped with corresponding appliances for labour protection. Also, its employees’ safety awareness and self-defense capability are strengthened through safety training.


(3) The Company continues to strengthen the publicity and promote training with regard to health and safety of all staff, with a view to developing a culture of health and safety, thereby promoting general improvement of health and safety awareness of all staff, so as to create a good atmosphere of production safety. Carrying out activities such as drills and inspections: A safety manual for production operation is formulated for staff compliance. The Group carries out fire drills every year to further enhance its employees’ emergency response capability. Also, a fire emergency team, which is responsible for urgent evacuation of personnel in emergency, is established to protect its employees’ life and property security. The Group has established special safety inspection system which covers a variety of measures, including daily safety check, seasonal safety check, and safety check before and after holidays. The Group was repeatedly awarded as “Advanced Enterprise in Production Safety (安全生產先進單位)” and “Enterprise with Qualified Work Safety Standardizations (安全生產標準化達標企業)” in Guangzhou City



The Group has been focusing on the cultivation of talents. On such basis, the Group advocates the talent concept of “promote the outstanding among flourishing talents” and establishes an effective and systematic talent training system, which is designed to enhance its employees’ knowledge, capability and skills. In view of the Group’s demand for talents arising from its development goals, the Group ensures effective implementation of training from the five aspects of training regulation system, training program system, training instructor system, training material system and training operation system.


(1) Orientation Training for New Employees

In order to help its new employees to adapt to their posts as soon as possible, the Group offer well established orientation trainings, covering trainings on corporate culture, rules and regulations, organization management, quality control system, process and IT know-how and the application of office software, information security, product and professional knowledge, rotation in production system, internship on the marketing and construction sites, occupational health and safety, site visit, team outward bound and other aspects.


(2) Professionalizing Training Camp for Undergraduates

For the purpose of facilitating the undergraduates recruited from university to successfully transform from a student to an employee, the Group has specially organized the professionalizing training camp for undergraduates. It is targeted to deepen their perception of professionalization and their understanding about the Group by way of military training, team outward bound training, group discussion, completing task and challenge, in-class lectures and group activities.


(3) Leadership Enhancement Training for Management

Management serves as the core strength in the operation and management of a corporate. Therefore, the Group continuously organizes a series of management trainings for all its management in a bid to adaptively enhance its management standard and operation capacity. The structured programs and their matching intensive trainings not only strengthen the leadership and management skills of its management team, but also cultivate their international perspective and create the cultural atmosphere to keep on learning, which conforms with the demand for future development of the Group. Meanwhile, such trainings also boost its management’s self-management skills, promote their career development in a more systematic way and better motivate and retain high-profile managers.


The College of Comba Leader Management (京信幹部管理學院) which was established in 2016 has initiated its systematic cultivation of management. It focuses on the combination of training and practice to comprehensively enhance the leaders’ management capability through mechanisms including in-class training, action learning and instructor coaching. The College of Comba Leader Management continued to deepen its development in 2020, forming its learning, growth and development system for leaders based on qualification of appointment of leaders, its instructor team based on senior–, medium–, and junior level management and external practice instructors, its system for assessing effectiveness of training and cultivation based on a four-level assessment model, and its appointment accreditation system based on four aspects including occupational ethics, basic conditions and necessary knowledge, duty discharge and capability.


(4) Establishment of the Internal Lecturers Team

The Group regularly organizes skills upgrading trainings and certification works for its internal lecturers in order to build up the team of internal lecturers, improve their teaching skills, broaden their horizons and promote the accumulation and inheritance of its corporate culture. In addition, the Group invites industry experts to provide its internal lecturers with full set guidance on curriculum development, teaching and presentation. Furthermore, the Group builds its branded lecturer team and delivers a series of excellent courses through after-class practices and getting certification and approval of internal lecturers.


(5) Comba Colorful Classes

The Group specially sets up the “Comba Colorful Classes (京彩課堂)”, an online and offline learning platform, for all its staff, to create an active and strong atmosphere of trainings and satisfy their diversified demands for training. The “Comba Colorful Classes” feature its internal lecturers’ branded courses, combined with the introduction of external general courses. Also, it integrates training into life and pays close attention to employees’ concerns. It also dedicates to offer financial knowledge to all the staff of the Company while enhancing the professional level of its financial employees through “Durian Classes”, a learning platform focusing on financial expertise.


(6) E-Learning Platform

In order to further improve the efficiency of training and diversify the forms of training, the Group has established E-Learning online learning platform since 2018 and continued to provide online learning programmes to its employees in 2020, in order to break the limitation of traditional training for departments and employees and ensure the consistency and efficiency of learning information and through which, the employees may always use their fragmented spare time to study in a systematic manner. Meanwhile, the Group facilitates the development and improvement of its training system and develop the Group into a learning-oriented organization.