Comba recognizes that environmental conservation is critical to creating a sustainable society and an integral part of our ongoing corporate activities. We strive to minimize negative environmental effects and provide products and services that are eco-friendly and ensure the entire organization is in harmony with the environment. Comba established and promoted ISO14001 environmental system in October, 2006 and obtained ISO14001 certification in July 2007.

  • Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in the Products (RoHS)

Comba established RoHS system in 2005 and implemented RoHS control over product design and development, procurement, supplier management, production process control, transportation and warehousing. A RoHs Analyzer  conducts six hazardous substance inspections on the incoming material.

Comba’s products and product components for the European market comply with RoHS.


  • Carbon Neutrality

Achieving carbon neutrality is a top-listed strategy at the national level and a necessary condition for the long-term healthy and sustainable development of our economy. Comba strives to achieve its carbon neutral goal through energy efficiency optimization, low-carbon emission and carbon-negative technologies, as well as waste separation. Comba continues to keep a close eye on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) proposal on the 1.5 °C target and subsequent changes. Comba will adopt vigorous policies and measures to constantly integrate the concept of low-carbon development into product design and all aspects of operations. At the same time, we will work with partners, customers and suppliers to seek a sustainable low-carbon business environment.

  • Eco-friendly Design Concept

Comba is committed to saving energy and resources through technological innovation to reduce our impact on the environment. We strive to reduce the materiala used in equipment to reduce the equipment weight, improve equipment integration, and reduce power consumption. We give due consideration to environmental impact in the component selection, product designing and manufacturing to reduce unnecessary material, excessive packaging, improve equipment efficiency and enhance the reuse and recycling rate. 

  • Green Products

Through its global R & D teams in Guangzhou & Nanjing,  China and Virginia & California, USA, Comba endeavors to save energy and reduce consumption through new technology. Power consumption of the new generation products reduces at least 30%.

Comba formulates stringent process in accordance with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment(WEEE)

  • Renewable Engery Utilization

Solar Solution: We provide solar-powered solutions. We make full use of solar energy that converts to electricity without any pollution caused. 

Wind and Solar Hybrid Power Solution: Comba’s outdoor wireless repeaters using wind and solar hybrid power have been widely deployed to realize green coverage.

Energy-saving Network Solution: Comba launched BAC (BTS Area Center) network construction solution, which enables co-sharing of telecom infrastructure through centralized BTS and deployment of digital RRU.

  • Natural Resource Conservation

Comba increases focus on sustainable development through efficient usage of resources. We emphasise on biodegradable packaging design and reduction of unnecessary packaging. We advocate use of renewable packaging material and established  a recycling system to extend the life cycle of 'hard to recycle' packaging without compromising quality.

Comba initiatives its employees to use recycled paper and strives to create a paperless office by digitizing paper-based documents and digitally signing electronic documents without printing. Comba issues《Resource, Energy Consumption Management Code》and establishes energy consumption indicators to conduct assessment.