Distributed Antennas System (DAS) is still the most effective and reliable system that provides in-building wireless coverage and capacity. Indoor wireless connectivity is critical as people spend most of their time either at home, inside office or enterprise locations. In today’s scenario, wireless networks must carry not only voice traffic, but large volumes of data traffic due to proliferation of smart phones and devices. Therefore, DAS system design has become increasingly complex to meet such demand and high SNIR is required in order to achieve high throughput.

Our designs also includes small cells and Wi-Fi solutions. Small Cell solutions are suited for small to medium enterprises to provide coverage and capacity. Wi-Fi solutions are to offload the network traffic in hotspot areas. Hence, we are capable of providing a total solution for wireless network coverage.

Comba’s end-to-end DAS solutions includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • Site survey report
  • Link Budget calculation
  • Schematic Design
  • Antenna Layout Design
  • Antennas EiRP Report
  • Coverage Prediction/Simulation Plots
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)

In addition, professional in-building software design tool is used to perform the designs and reports generation. Coverage performance can be guaranteed to meet the KPI through coverage prediction plots. Over or under-dimensioning issue can be totally avoided.

With Comba’s global experiences in wireless network system design, technologies and products, we are capable of providing professional services beyond our customer’s expectation.