Radio network optimization is performed to improve the performance of the network with existing resources. The goal is to better utilize existing network resources, to solve existing and potential problems and to identify possible solutions for future planning. Through Radio Network Optimization, the service quality and resources usage of the network are greatly improved to achieve a balance between coverage, capacity and quality. In general, the following steps are followed during the Radio Network Optimization process:

  • Data Collection and Verification
  • Data Analysis
  • Parameter and Hardware Adjustment
  • Optimization result confirmation and reporting.

Due to the mobility of subscribers and the complexity of radio propagation, most of network problems are caused by increasing subscribers and the changing radio environment. Radio Network Optimization is a continuous process that is required as the network evolves.

Comba offers the following 2G, 3G and 4G network optimization activities to ensure that a network's performance and quality factors are at their best, hence leading to maximum customer satisfaction and revenue potential. Comba optimizes your network today to prepare you for tomorrow's growth.

We offer the following services:

Network Performance Statistics Analysis (Network Audit) and Optimization

  • Analysis of existing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Development of new KPIs for management

Network Parameter Audit and Optimization

  • Fine tune radio parameters, e.g., power control, handover parameters, etc, neighbour list audit, unwanted and missing neighbours, co-channel neighbours identification, etc

Hardware Performance

  • Misaligned Antennas, Antenna Down tilt, Water Ingress, Poorly Calibrated TRX, Wrongly Connected Feeders, etc

Data Servicer Analysis, Test Evaluation and Optimization

  • Radio and Throughput Analysis
  • Analysis of Radio, Baseband and Backhaul Capacity
  • Recommendation of Expansion Plan
  • Capacity Routing and WiFi offload Strategies

Benchmarking and Drive Test

  • Cell/Cluster Optimization Drive Testing
  • Competitor Network Benchmarking
  • Data Post Processing
  • Radio Coverage Optimization

Frequency / Scrambling Code Planning

  • Identify Frequency / Code Planning Technique
  • Frequency / Code Re-planning

Radio Network Interference Analysis

  • High Rise Optimization
  • 2G/3G/4G Co-location Interference Issues
  • External Interferers, Intermodulation and Spurious, etc