FDD Hybrid Beam Antenna


The telecom industry is forging ahead into the era of 5G and the IoT. Unlike the previous generation of wireless technology, the service areas covered by 5G networks are divided into small geographical areas, called cells, to generate a more precise beam coverage. The FDD Hybrid Beam Antenna meets 5G network coverage requirements and provides higher antenna gains and sector division. The high-capacity demand for the localized network is satisfied while creating a robust and comprehensive 5G network.

 With innovative hybrid multi-beam technology, the antenna supports 4x4 MIMO for 700, 800, 1800, 2100, or 2600MHz with HBW 65 deg for 2x 690-960 / 2x1695-2690; HBW 32 deg for 4x1710-2690. The solution supports the integration of conventional beam and multi-beam, achieving significant network capacity improvement and frequency reuse without additional spectrum resources. The mature solution for network expansion has been widely adopted in India, Asia Pacific, South America, and other regions at scale.



Integrated Antenna Solutions for the Future Network