Location Base Solution

While GPS is an excellent technology on a macro level and in two dimensions, it has its limitations inside buildings where signals may not penetrate. Location positioning inside buildings needs to be more precise and additionally, there is a third dimension: a building may have several levels - which typical GPS cannot handle.

Comba provides a solution for “indoor GPS” – the Indoor Positioning System (IPS) which enables building owners to supply mapping systems for users – for example: a guide for indoor routes and directory for users. Our solution therefore facilitates and enhanced user experience and convenience inside building.

For enterprise customers, indoor positioning helps collect positioning data of their customers, and then generate heat map for market analysis. Our system will also provide straightforward analyzed result to enterprise for marketing strategy reference.

Additionally, the revenue-generating and value-add opportunities the Comba IPS can bring are manifold:

For example: retail stores in shopping mall, the solution offers position-based advertising and feet flow analysis. It will send out advertisement based on the current location and history data, which can ensure advertisement at the right moment and place!

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Source: Original from Comba’s partner