Smart City

Wireless communication and internet technology are changing our daily lives: for example, for many people, the smartphone has become an essential tool for their personal and work life and it is often the first thing they look at in the morning and the last thing they look at before they sleep. As society and machines becomes increasingly interconnected, the smart city has come into being to support this in all aspects: Smart transportation, smart power grid, smart health care and smart building give intelligence to the infrastructure and facility in order to work greener, safer and quicker. Cloud technology and big data analytic allows us to have better control and monitoring on every facility, allowing us to learn from the history, take actions and plan for the future.

Comba leverages its advance in wireless technology to provide end to end solutions in smart infrastructure, smart building with cloud base technology and data analytics. In future, Comba will expand its contribution in R&D and provide more solutions to build up smart city around the world.