Since stadiums typically host large scale events such a sports and concerts, a stadium network must cover all areas where spectators congregate. The size of a stadium varies from as low as 12,000 seats to as high as 150,000 seats. Besides the spectator seats, it may also have conference rooms, shopping areas, food and beverage shops and TV commentators areas that need wireless connectivity.

Designing a wireless solution for stadium is special and challenging task in terms of its capacity demand. It is because the wireless traffic patterns vary depending on the events hosted inside the stadium. With the advent of smart phones and social media mobile applications, users consume a lot of data in real time video and photos uploading during an event.

Proper dimensioning and sectorization are needed to meet such high capacity demand. The selection of antennas and mounting are also critical to ensure proper signal coverage, reduce interference between sectors, better SNIR and hence higher throughput.

Comba is one of the world’s leading providers of wireless solutions for stadiums. Our Comflex-series of active DAS high power solution and high gain antennas are best suited for stadiums.

Our solutions have been implemented in stadiums and arenas hosting:

  • 2016 Rio Summer Games
  • Brazil 2014 Soccer Tournament.
  • Sochi Winter Games Venues
  • Guangzhou Asian Games
  • 2008 Beijing Summer Games