Comba sponsors Network Optimization Technology Forum

 Comba and China Mobile join force to form a mobile network optimization platform.

On March 28, 2003, a 'Network Optimization Technology Forum' was held in Harbin, Heilongjiang province of North-east China. The forum was hosted by the Heilongjiang Mobile Communication Corporation (HMCC) and sponsored by the Heilongjiang Office of the North-east Branch of Comba Telecom Systems Ltd.

In the forum, key technical personnel and senior executive officers from both HMCC and Comba had discussions on indoor signal distribution systems, indoor and outdoor antennas, residential area coverage systems, and other topics about Comba products.

The forum was considered as effective and fruitful in aspects of improving technology and sharing experience between HMCC and Comba, strengthening brand and product recognition of Comba by HMCC, and paving the road to expanding Comba's market share in Heilongjiang province.