Enterprise Small Cell

Enterprise Small Cell provides cellular indoor coverage via broadband IP backhaul. It is suitable for indoor hotspot scenarios like office, business hall and Internet café, solving cellular network issues including weak coverage, low data rate and site acquisition. It increases capacity for data service and offloads macro network by absorbing traffic from indoor hotspots or buildings. It has two versions: GSM and LTE.


GSM version

LTE version


ENB-10, A01L,H04P23S46D12M16D53




3 GSM carriers and 1 EDGE carrier

96 active users and 288 RRC users



TDD LTE 2300-2370MHz

TDD LTE 2570-2620MHz


Extends GSM mobile coverage to small, hard-to-reach areas

Supports 4 carriers, 3 GSM carriers and 1 EDGE carrier. Ideal for enterprises and small public hotspots

Quick, plug-and-play installation

Incorporates Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n AP within a single box; built-in WLAN dynamic configuration

Offers built-in antennas and flexibility to integrate with in-building DAS

Self-optimizing and configuring capabilities help avoid interference between cells and improve user experience

Backhaul through fixed broadband; avoid CAPEX on acquiring and building new sites, reduce OPEX on backhaul transmission, power and operations

Remote control and management through Network Management System (NMS), including software upgrades and service activation

Cost-effective management

Support 5MHz/10MHz/15MHz/20MHz bandwidth

IP-based backhaul, easy site acquisition

Plug and play, PoE power supply and IT Network-like deployment

Self-configuration and self-optimization

End-to-End control and management through Network Management System (NMS)

Software/hardware failure detection and recovery


System Dimension

360 mm × 250 mm × 51 mm

340mm x 200mm x 57mm