Comba Launches New Generation of Frequency Shifting Repeater Solutions to Enable Wireless Communications in Remote Outdoor Environments

Hong Kong, 26 October 2005 – Comba Telecom (HKSE: 2342), the leading provider of wireless solutions for the 2G and 3G mobile telecoms market, announced the international launch of the next generation of RF Frequency Shifting Repeaters (FSR) for remote outdoor environments after successful trials with key customers. With the launch of the FSR, Comba offers mobile operators a high-end, cost-effective solution to extend and enhance their network to remote areas such as national parks and rural areas, thereby cementing its position as the one-stop-shop for mobile operators.

Available for all GSM frequencies and fully EDGE-compliant, the new generation of Comba’s FSR isolation can be as low as 65db – the lowest in the market today. The benefit of this is that antenna and repeater can be placed very close together within a single structure without interference compared to the traditional system which often requires two separate structures. The lowered isolation requirement also allows the product to be operated at higher gain settings that further augments the cost-effectiveness of the solution with a larger coverage area.

Comba’s FSR solution also makes available the world’s first 20 watt per channel FSR. The 20W FSR is able to simultaneously extend GSM and EDGE network coverage of mobile operators to up to 20km radius on full power - an industry first. Typical FSR solutions need to sacrifice power and coverage area in order to achieve dual transmission of GSM and EDGE networks. This, combined with lowered isolations, easier maintenance and deployment, means Comba’s FSR solution has a lower total cost of ownership proposition for mobile operators.

“When planning network coverage in remote areas, mobile operators frequently come across challenges such as government regulations on erecting equipment support structures, power supply availability and incremental costs for relatively lower traffic” said Tony TL Fok, Comba’s chairman and managing director. “Comba’s new generation of RF Frequency Shifting Repeater technology helps to mitigate these challenges with smaller footprints, solar power options and an attractive price point as an alternative to conventional repeater systems”.

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